So how long will it take for me to get an example?

Usual time for an example is 3-4 Business days. Mon-Friday.


Then how long until I receive my business cards?

Usual time for printing is 5-7 business days after you approve and lock down the design. Then it is queued in the printing press and begins the final process. At this point design can no longer be changed. So it's very important that everything is approved prior to this final step.


How does payment work?

I usually ask for a deposit of half the total job amount. This is a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit. I do NOT take credit or debit. Cash or direct deposit with Zelle and paypal only.


If we made a deal over the phone or text. I will provide further information for payment and try to meet up with you in person if possible and you're local to Dallas/Mesquite Area.


Why a non-refundable deposit?

In case you the client decide you don't want the cards made mid-process, I keep it for any work already done or time spent doing said designs/work.


What will you do with the information I provide you with?

All client information is kept confidential. If I display an example of your card anywhere, I will do so with your name and information changed to a John/Jane Doe and Number.


Can someone else have my design as well?

All template layouts are open to anyone. If another client wants to use it, they are welcome to.


But I don't want them to use my design, what can be done?

You can pay for exclusivity rights to the design you picked. Then a release contract will be signed to you personally, and appropriate fees paid for the design.


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